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Surgical Intervention in Albania

Thanks to technological advancements and a thriving medical tourism industry worldwide, many people now have access to cosmetic procedures that were once too expensive. By providing high-quality plastic surgery at competitive prices, clinics in Albania have become very popular with international patients from all over the world. In addition to offering an ideal aesthetic solution, plastic surgery in Albania gives patients the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary vacation in a beautiful country located in the heart of Europe.


Butt Lift in Albania

Often, the sagging of the buttocks is the result of significant weight loss or lack of muscle tone due to a sedentary lifestyle. The buttocks are one of the largest and most important muscles in our body and if you are against the appearance of a drooping behind, there are many procedures available that can help you achieve a more lifted and firm buttocks.


Recovery After Plastic Surgery

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure is a significant decision, and ensuring a smooth and optimal healing process is essential for achieving the desired results.


Mommy Makeover: No More Complexes, Feel Free!

Pregnancy has many effects on the female body, leaving drastic changes such as sagging, volume-less breasts, loose skin in the abdominal area, stretch marks, and excess weight on the stomach, hips, and buttocks.


Hair Loss After the Age of Twenty: What You Need to Know

Although most of us think of hair loss as something that starts in middle age, the truth is that hair loss often begins much earlier and occurs gradually. The good news is that if you have noticed your hair thinning in your twenties, there are treatments that can slow down or stop the process.


Plastic Surgery Trends

While nutrition and exercise are always important, some people turn to plastic surgery and minimally invasive body contouring solutions. The main reason is to lose stubborn pounds that don't easily go away.


Is it True That Breast Implants Hinder Physical Exercise?

One thing patients are usually most interested in knowing when considering implants is when it will be safe for them to exercise again after the procedure.


Transform Your Life with a Tummy Tuck Today!

The goal of a tummy tuck is to create the best possible stomach and torso for each patient because everyone is unique.


Cosmetic Surgery in Summer: Is It Really Forbidden?

One of the most common myths about cosmetic surgery is that summer is an unsuitable season for undergoing aesthetic procedures. The truth is that there are no scientific evidences about the contraindication of cosmetic surgery during the summer.


Cosmetic Surgery to Consider Before Summer

The warm season brings the desire to show more skin and look our best. If you are still undecided about undergoing plastic surgery, this is the perfect time and you should not wait any longer. Many procedures require a postoperative phase lasting a few weeks during which you must be careful in performing certain movements, avoid physical exertion and strenuous physical activities, and not expose yourself to the sun to avoid worsening or hindering the healing process of the scars.


Dark Circles and Under-Eye Bags: There's a Remedy for Everything!

Selfies that portray us at work or at home, by day or by night, perfect or disheveled… But what are those dark eyes? If it's not an unlikely smoky eye or what remains of yesterday's mascara, then… they are bags and dark circles! Whether it's a stressful period, the result of a wild night, or a permanent shadow, that visibly dull look has always been the first enemy of our beauty.


Women's Day, Rediscover Your Femininity with Surgery

Women's Day is a controversial event: some see it as yet another instrumentalization with a hint of discrimination, others argue that in a civilized country, women should be celebrated and respected every day, with no need for a special holiday. Yet, there are those who see it as an opportunity to be pampered and revered, taking a break from everyday life without too many moral or social implications.


March 8th, International Women's Day: A Day to Celebrate and Flourish

March 8th is the day when femininity is celebrated in all its forms. Some argue that the very act of creating a specific day to celebrate the importance and dignity of women is itself a form of discrimination. Years of feminist struggle to achieve equal rights seem to be swept aside by a celebration that highlights what should, in reality, be valued every day.


Contemporary Gentleman and Cosmetic Surgery

Once upon a time, there was the historic gentleman's club, exclusive and reserved for a select few: pinstripe suits and ties, designer watches, fine wines and scotch, strictly masculine customs and practices, with the only beauty ritual allowed... the barbershop.



Most cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can only be performed on patients who have reached the age of majority. However, there are aesthetic procedures that can also be performed on patients under 18: otoplasty is among these.


Valentine's Day Gift? A "Voucher" from the Cosmetic Surgeon.

Goodbye romance. It's better to be realistic and pragmatic. For Valentine's Day, instead of red roses and love notes found in chocolates, lovers are opting for a new bust or a pair of abdominals sculpted by the scalpel. In fact, more and more couples are choosing to celebrate the lovers' holiday by gifting each other a touch-up from the plastic surgeon.


Facelift: 4 Things to Know Before the Procedure

Today, to maintain a consistently fresh and harmonious appearance and to put a stop to the aging of our face, one can resort to a facelift. The results that can be achieved with this surgical procedure are absolutely natural and harmonious, but there are certainly concerns!


Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic on Dermolife Clinic

Plastic Surgery is the branch of surgery that deals with the correction, restoration, or reconstruction of body areas that have suffered from traumatic, congenital, or degenerative damage, with the aim of restoring the correct functionality of the affected part and its aesthetic harmony. Aesthetic Surgery, on the other hand, refers to the branch of Plastic Surgery aimed at modifying and improving the aesthetic appearance of a specific body area, according to the patient's desires, respecting the proportions and aesthetics of the body.


Medical Tourism: The "Beautiful Country" ITALY

Until a few years ago, cosmetic surgery procedures were a taboo, appreciated mostly by celebrities. Today, however, millions of Italians undergo beauty procedures every year. In fact, Italy is among the top seven countries in terms of the number of people who wish to improve their physical appearance.


Dear Santa Claus, I would like... a cosmetic touch-up.

As the magic of the holiday season approaches, like every year, we begin to imagine the wonderful gifts we will place under the tree for our loved ones. We envision the smiles on their faces as they unwrap them, the surprise of discovering something that, beyond its monetary value, is a symbol of love and affection.


The Most Requested Treatments Before the Christmas Holidays

Cold? Not yet. Snow? Just a small cap right on top of the mountain, only for a few hours, already gone at sunrise. Finally, the temperature drops a bit, taking away the scent of summer and making us rediscover the eternal and unchanging strength of new autumnal spicy fragrances, heralding the Christmas holidays. Christmas is near, and shop windows and malls are already displaying lights and decorations


Breast Augmentation is Undoubtedly the Procedure

What is the ideal procedure for Breast Augmentation? Certainly, it is breast augmentation surgery using teardrop-shaped silicone implants of the highest quality. Well, but where can one find all this? Certainly, it is necessary to turn to a reputable and high-quality clinic. And this clinic is DERMOLIFE, for all women who want a new look for their breasts, quickly and with minimal risk.


Legs and Excess Skin: A Lift to Remove It

Significant weight loss, as well as the passage of time, are not great friends to our skin, which can become noticeably lax, especially in particularly delicate areas like the inner thighs.


Plastic Surgery: Beware of Fake “Wizards” of the Scalpel

Too often, we hear talk, read on social media, and especially see demonization on TV about plastic surgery. And too often, the beliefs and messages that are conveyed are either negative or incorrect. Advertising slogans, gossip, fake news, and mere illusions mingle with true information and actual objectives.


Plastic Surgery and True Beauty: The Key Word is Naturalness

There are many examples of unnatural plastic surgery, especially when looking at the world of TV. Yet the real goal of a good surgeon should be to ensure that the patient achieves a harmonious and absolutely natural result.


Micro FUE Hair Transplant

The Micro FUE hair transplant is a technique undergone by individuals who have experienced significant hair loss. It is performed by transferring hair follicles taken from the nape, where the hair is generally denser, to any area of the scalp where hair loss has occurred.


DHI Hair Transplant Technique

With the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique, follicular units extracted from the donor area can be directly transplanted to the recipient area. This procedure uses special surgical tools known as "Implanter Pens," which have very fine tips. These are capable of transferring the follicular unit directly into the scalp through the pressure of their characteristic mechanism. This method allows for precise placement and potentially reduces recovery time.


Liposculpture, Expect a Grand Surprise

Looking in the mirror... and enjoying the view. What is reflected is the image you've always dreamed of, and that is now a reality. Why do people opt for liposculpture? To improve their physical appearance, to overcome psychological complexes, and to reshape a body that finally reflects their personality.


Here Are the "Little Touch-Ups" to Lift Your Spirits

Love, love... the quintessence of the spirit of youth, brings magic to life. It's a genetic heritage, nourishment for the soul, body, and mind, but too often expressed in terms of infatuation, love, and...


Top-notch Glutes with Lipofilling

There are certain "critical" areas for the female universe, and the buttocks are definitely one of them. While perfect glutes are a gift from Mother Nature, they can still be shaped and made more appealing with a few small adjustments.


How Does the Face Change with Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a widely performed surgical procedure that reshapes the nose, both for aesthetic reasons and to correct aspects related to respiratory issues. One of the most common questions, however, is: how does the face change with rhinoplasty? The nose is right at the center of our face, and its shape can make a huge difference in our expression and even in the image we have of ourselves. The changes can enhance facial harmony and can significantly boost self-esteem by aligning the nose more closely with the individual's aesthetic desires.


Albania is a Little Italy: Here's Why It's Liked

For Albanians, it's Shqipëria, or the Land of the Eagles. A magical and enchanting land, Albania has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe in recent years, especially among Italian tourists. And not just because it's a low-cost destination close to Italy, but also and above all for all that there is to explore and discover here.


Hair Transplants: Much More Than Just a Trend

Although getting hair transplants has become fashionable, we understand that those who undergo the procedure do so because they are uncomfortable with their alopecia. Therefore, the change will not only help them feel better physically but will also boost their mood and their ability to handle daily life.


Small Bust

Who doesn't remember the sculpted abs of a young Brad Pitt as the charming hitchhiker in the movie "Thelma and Louise," which catapulted him to fame? And how could we forget the stunning figure of his future wife, Angelina Jolie, as Lara Croft, a role that established her as a universal beauty icon for years to come?


Tummy Tuck: How to Sculpt a "Six-Pack"

Who doesn't remember the chiseled abs of a young Brad Pitt, the charming hitchhiker in the movie "Thelma and Louise," which brought him popularity? And how can we forget the stunning "six-pack" of his future wife, Angelina Jolie, in her role as Lara Croft, a part that consecrated her as a universal beauty icon for years to follow? These celebrity examples highlight the allure of a sculpted abdomen, which can also be achieved through a tummy tuck procedure, aimed at those seeking a similarly impressive physique.


Beard Hair Loss: Guide to a Thick Beard

Beard hair loss, or beard alopecia, can occur in association with scalp alopecia, but also as a standalone event. The causes depend on numerous genetic and physiological factors. This condition, which does not cause negative effects physically, can, however, have strong psychological repercussions.


Filler e Botox

Botox, for wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, and filler with hyaluronic acid, for the face, nose, and lips, are ideal treatments for reducing signs of aging on the skin. There's nothing wrong, in fact, with wanting to look in the mirror and desiring to see a fresher image, with toned skin and age wrinkles attenuated.


Varicose Veins: What Causes Them, How to Treat Them, and How to Prevent Them

They affect four out of ten women, but varicose veins can be treated and prevented. Let's find out how. Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the desire to show off beautiful and healthy legs. However, not everyone has this opportunity.