Bread Transplant

Beard Transplant

Regain Your Confidence with a Full and Well-Groomed Beard!

It's natural for every man to desire a thick and well-defined beard. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally endowed in this sense. If you're one of those who have irregular growth or empty areas in your beard or mustache, you're not alone. Dermolife Clinic is here to help!

How Beard Transplant Works

Our advanced beard transplant technique is designed to provide you with natural, long-lasting, and satisfying results. Healthy hair follicles are extracted from donor areas of the body and precisely implanted in areas of the face where hair growth is rare or absent.

The procedure is minimally invasive, with short recovery times, allowing you to return to your daily activities quickly. The results are noticeable, giving you a thicker and more uniform beard, improving not only your appearance but also your self-esteem.

Free Online Hair Analysis

To make the process even simpler and more convenient, we offer a free online consultation. You can conduct the analysis of your hair comfortably from home, with no obligation. A team of experts will be at your disposal to assess your specific situation and advise you on the best treatment path.

Why Choose Dermolife for Your Beard Transplant

Experience and Professionalism: Our specialized doctors have years of experience in the field of hair and beard transplants, ensuring you receive high-quality treatment.

Advanced Technology: We use the most advanced technologies to ensure safe procedures, efficient outcomes, and natural results.

Personalized Care: Every patient is unique. We provide you with tailored care, ensuring that the treatment is perfectly adapted to your specific needs.

Start Your Journey Towards a Fuller Beard

If you're ready to say goodbye to empty and irregular areas and desire a thick and well-defined beard, contact us today. Dermolife Clinic is your trusted partner for a successful beard transplant!

After the Beard Transplant Procedure

It is recommended not to wash your hair for at least 3 days after the procedure. If you do not wash, do not rub the transplanted hair for at least 10 days. The towel should also be in the form of a pad. You should use the shampoo recommended by your doctor. It is important to take prescribed medications as directed by the surgeon. It is recommended to leave the transplanted area uncovered as much as possible in order to speed up recovery. If you want to cover the area of the transplanted hair, it is advisable to wear a loosely fitted cotton hat, avoiding prolonged use. Physical activity is not recommended for at least a month after the beard transplant procedure.


Conduct your hair analysis online, free of charge and with no obligation before arrival.

The FUE technique is used to extract individual follicles from the donor area. Follicles taken from the back of the head are particularly strong and resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for hair loss.

Extraction of follicles from the donor area separates them from the bloodstream. As a result, they cannot feed on nutrients. To counteract this, they are stored in a solution enriched with biotin.

The placement of grafts requires delicacy, rigorous work, and high precision to achieve the desired results. Medical expertise and the right technique are the perfect combination for a natural and indistinguishable outcome.