About Us - Dermolife Clinic

Italian Cosmetic Surgery in Albania

The dermoesthetic clinic DermoLife began its activity on December 5, 2002, created by dermoesthetic doctor Lida Hoxha, breaking many taboos in a male-dominated country where the idea was created that major works in Albania are only done by men. This clinic is the first pioneer that has worked and promoted contemporary Western dermoesthetics. From the beginning, this clinic has been profiled towards the latest treatments and scientific devices. At the clinic, patients can find the entire range of aesthetic services such as: anti-aging treatments with botox, hyaluronic acid, fillers, Fraxel laser, mesotherapy, plasma injection, biostimulation, chemical peels, masks, and professional massages with anti-wrinkle and highly effective products. Other treatments include anti-acne, anti-spot, anti-stress, permanent laser waxing, anti-cellulite, overweight treatments, tattoo removal, lip and cheek volume enhancement with EU certified products. With all these years of experience, the Clinic has gained all the best Western skills to keep up with them. Also, years ago, the plastic surgery sector was established with Italian plastic surgeons with professional resumes and considerable experience.

For years now, Dermo Life has successfully developed various interventions for the nose, ear, enlargement or reduction, as well as chest lifts, abdominal, thigh and arm lifts, face and neck lifts, liposuction or thigh and abdomen lift, eye surgery etc. Patients have been very satisfied, and this fact makes us happy, but it obliges us to perfect our work even more. The removal of varicose veins is also a sector that is working hard with Italian doctors specialized in the field, who already apply two very popular techniques, without surgery and without pain. In this way, our patients return home within the day, not only for varicose vein treatment but for all types of interventions, as the new techniques applied in our clinic are becoming less invasive. The professionalism of our staff also consists of maintaining the confidentiality of our patients and assisting them at all times, in the post-operative phase.


In recent years, Dermo Life has created an analysis laboratory with modern equipment. The patient can perform all types of tests, various echos, visits to doctors of various specialties, in vitro fertilization etc. Also in this sector, Dermo Life has chosen to work with highly qualified personnel. In terms of in vitro fertilization, we are proud of the miracle performed by the staff of doctors who studied in London. Their success rate is 83%. The endocrinology department has also had great success in successfully managing very complicated cases.


Dermoesthetic products are the most famous brands in the world and 100% herbal-based, used for pathological or aesthetic treatments. The Dermo Life Clinic has been entrusted with the exclusivity of these brands, thanks to the seriousness and professionalism demonstrated over the years in which it operates. The main product lines: FILORGA, LAKSHMI, and SESDERMA, are an added value of this clinic that uses them in central treatment and helps its patients to use them at home for an even better result of treatments. Dermo Life is prompt and quality customer service, with a staff specialized in the field of dermoesthetics and in collaboration with a team of Italian doctors who will be available at any time for consultations and to provide you with information on interventions in the field of plastic surgery, always prioritizing your health and therefore your appearance, for which we invest to make you satisfied.