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Committed to quality and safety, at Dermolife you will find Western European standards at every step you take. From personalized consultation based on your aesthetic goals, 3D simulation of the nose to natural final results by an Italian surgeon certified with over 22 years of experience in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Regardless of the personalized diet and physical activity, some "fat pouches" in the body simply do not go away easily. We have the solution! Liposuction is a surgical procedure that lasts only 60 minutes. Thanks to liposuction, you will sculpt the perfect body silhouette in an hour!


They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but when they have drooping skin, fat accumulations in the lower eyelids or many wrinkles, not everything is as it seems! Through blepharoplasty, you will give freshness to your face and will not appear tired, bored or sleepy.

eyelid surgery

Do you always feel uncomfortable when you wear something revealing? Not anymore! With breast reshaping, you will regain self-confidence and, along with it, your favorite dress in your wardrobe! Improve asymmetry, size, and structure of your breast with Motiva implants.


An elegant body has been and is still today a symbol of beauty and health for everyone. The gastric balloon is a contemporary treatment method that allows you to lose weight without the need for surgery.

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Thinning in some spots or empty spaces on the head create unwanted aesthetic consequences. The hair transplant with the DHI technique is widely recognized as a procedure that restores strong and healthy hair forever! Regardless of the existing situation of your hair, our specialized team from Turkey will restore your confidence in a few hours. Come once and enjoy the result forever!

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Raniero Orsini

Dr. Raniero Orsini

Plastic, aesthetic and maxillo-facial surgeon

Andrea La Padula

Dr. Andrea La Padula

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon

Franco Corsi

Dr. Franco Corsi

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon

Vincenzo Colabianchi

Dr. Vincenzo Colabianchi

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon

Floriana Arelli

Dr. Floriana Arelli

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon

Vitale Minopoli

Dr. Vitale Minopoli

Plastic, aesthetic and maxillo-facial surgeon


High-Quality Clinic

Positioned in the heart of Albania's capital, at Dermolife you will not feel “foreign”. Warm hospitality, accommodation in modern facilities, and continuous medical assistance are some of our strengths.

Tirana - A Unique City

Plastic surgery is one of the main reasons for aesthetic tourism in the world. Enjoy the tourist, culinary, and the atmosphere of the city of Tirana while you entrust us with your image to fulfill your aesthetic desires. Throughout your stay with us, you will have assistance in Italian.

Elite Service

We understand the importance of plastic surgery and the impact it has on our lives. That's why we make sure you stay well-informed and receive adequate pre and postoperative medical care.