Recovery Times

Recovery Times

Our post-therapy packages, which contain the necessary medications, solutions, and advice, are specially designed to accelerate recovery times and prevent any side effects.

It is important that in the first days after hair transplantation you wear comfortable and loose clothing to avoid contact with the back of the head where the hair follicles were extracted. It is entirely normal for transplanted hair to start falling out within a period of 4 months. But afterwards, growth will gradually begin until the hair reaches the predetermined density and desired result.

Recovery Times

The first 15 days up to the 12th month.

Recovery of the graft site leads to crust formation a few days after hair transplantation. Redness in the treated areas is considered normal and will disappear after a short time. We recommend not consuming alcohol in the first days after planting for up to a maximum of 15 days, but the decision remains in your hands. In the third or fourth month, hair will start to grow, while visible changes will be noticed in the sixth month. One year later, the hair will have assumed the predetermined shape and a healthy, natural shine.

The recovery process

If our instructions are carefully followed by the patient, the recovery period will not be embarrassing; on the contrary, the first 15 days considered "problematic" will seem like a honeymoon. The complex of vitamins A, B, C, and E are effective for hair health. Especially vitamin B, which is recommended after hair transplantation. Zinc is also one of the recommended supplements to take after the hair transplantation procedure. To have a better idea of what the recovery process looks like, here we demonstrate hair growth over a few months.

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