PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the component of blood plasma that contains the highest concentrations of platelets in the blood. PRP is autologous, meaning it is harvested from the patient's own body. The treatment helps transplanted follicles to "take root" and promotes rapid spontaneous recovery.

PRP treatment

Combination of PRP treatment with hair transplantation.

Our body has the best methods (as well as active ingredients) to treat various aesthetic and health problems. PRP treatment is an added value for the hair transplantation procedure. PRP is rich in proteins and platelets, thus serving as a strong basis for cellular renewal and regeneration.

Advantages of PRP therapy application

* Increased stability of hair follicles after transplantation.

* Faster recovery.

* Vitalization of transplanted follicles.

* Prevention of premature hair loss.

Exceptional results

In the case of hair transplantation, we deal with the separation of platelets and leukocytes. Platelets are (for our purposes) a valuable active component.

At the same time, PRP treatment significantly enhances the quality of existing hair and enables the acceleration and improvement of tissue renewal around the new hair roots. The treatment has no side effects or allergic reactions, as its base is your own blood.